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Sour Tsunami is a strain that became famous for being one of the first to be specifically bred for high CBD rather than THC content. The result is a strain that’s effective at treating pain and inflammation without producing a significant “high” that is linked to high THC. Sour Tsunami CBD levels test as high as 10 or 11%, while THC is usually under 10%. Lawrence Ringo of the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective bred this strain over four years of hard work by crossing Sour Diesel plants with NYC Diesel. This sativa-dominant hybrid flowers within 9 weeks, producing dense, dark green buds with dark green and purple-tinged leaves. The buds have a familiar musky diesel smell with sweet undertones.Buy sour tsunami New york Sour tsunami online USA

Sour Tsunami is famous for being one of the first strains specifically bred for high CBD content. A cross between Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel, this Sativa dominant will surely numb all of your pain and relax you into a a dream state.Buy sour tsunami New york

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5 reviews for Sour Tsunami

  1. nick,USA

    Coming on strong with a wave of heat to the head and chest, This strain uplifts the mood and provides a good deal of mental energy at first. It changes it character after a short time though, turning into more of a euphoric and relaxing Indica effect. Good body relaxation, anti-anxiety, mood elevation, and appetite stimulation qualities.

  2. lola

    wow,The coloration was magnificent, greens, oranges, purples, and more. The trichome count was very high and the density was perfect.

  3. Silva

    Moderate Indica effects, not overwhelmingly potent and suitable for daytime use. Some Sativa head traits, but definitely a mellow Indica-dominant experience overall.Once am done with my current order i will be buying some.

  4. Bankz,Arizona

    Thanks for my delivery…good customer service.With a relatively strong Indica effects package, this strain has the potential to be a “daywrecker”, but at small-to-average doses, it’s squarely in the functional Indica category thanks to the Haze influence. Buzzy, slack extremities, a fuzzy mental state, and a definite couchlock tendency forms the core of the Afgooey experience. It definitely lightens the mood in a goofy, slack-jawed kind of way, but is overall a “down” experience that is most conducive to seated activities not requiring a ton of attention. Shows benefits with strong relaxation properties (both mental and physical), mood elevation, sleep aid properties (especially at high dosages), anti-anxiety, ocular relief, and mild pain relief.

  5. jin

    Hashy and pretty unremarkable in most cases, sometimes the spicy notes or even light sweetness comes out.

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