Terms And Conditions

Shipping Disclaimer

If you happen to be ordering a large quantity of product we reserve the right to request additional shipping fees due to weight restrictions.

Signature sticker are used as insurance for your package. Packages are tracked and only released to the signer, ensuring its delivery.Buy marijuana online Hawaii

Terms of Service

1. Delivery is carried out worldwide. We do not ship outside of USA.
2. To buy marijuana products from 420 Medical Marijuana Shop, you must be at least 19 years old.
3. We do not issue refunds under any circumstance
4. 420 Medical Marijuana Shop assumes no responsibility for lost orders due to:
– mistakes made by the postal offices
– wrong address given by the customer
– damage to order by postal service (Weather effect )
– expired PO BOX numbers
– stolen packages after delivery
– Packages that are requested “No signature sticker”
4. Prices, deals and availability of products are subject to change without notice.
5. You are not affiliated in any way with any law enforcement
6. Orders to Ohio, Colorado, Washington my take longer than U S Post estimated delivery.

Unpaid orders will be cancelled after ONE WEEK, and on hold inventory will be returned to store.

Missing Item / Wrong Item / Damaged Item Policy

We advise snapping front and back photos BEFORE opening all packages. Items are strategically arranged in a way so all items in the order can be visible at once from the front and/or back.Buy marijuana online Hawaii

If you suspect an item you ordered is missing, wrong or damaged, please DO NOT open the vacuum sealed package that is found within the white sealed envelope.
If you do open the vac sealed bag which is located inside the sealed envelope; we unfortunately won’t be able to process your request.
Please keep everything vacuum sealed bag and take AT LEAST two photos of it, one of the front, and one of the back. (more the better). You can then send these photos to sales@420mmjbudshop.com, along with the following :

1) First & Last Name
2) Order Number
3) Photos ( at least back & front of Vacuum Sealed Bag)
4) Missing, Error or Damaged Item(s) We will review your request and if your package is still properly sealed in the photos and there is an issue we will happily send you the item(s) within 3 business days.

Replacement Package Policy

After an investigation (timeline is dependent on courier service), if it is concluded that your package is lost in transit or confiscated by authorities, we will send you a ONE TIME REPLACEMENT PACKAGE UP TO $500. 

The customer is responsible for providing accurate shipping information. If an order is RTS (returned to sender)due to the customer providing an incorrect shipping address or failing to pick up a parcel, the customer will be required to pay any RTS fees* as well as repay shipping fee if they would like to have it reshipped.

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